Joshua’s Place is changing hearts and lives one life at a time, one family at a time, and one community at a time! Learn this month how Joshua’s Place was able to impact lives through summer programs and how you can impact the future of Joshua’s Place by investing your time, gifts and talents, and financial support to restore those in generational poverty!

Whiz Kids

An Hour a Week is Two lives changed!

Whiz Kids volunteers become so much more than tutors. They become mentors, friends and positive role models that change the lives of children beyond the classroom.

Learn more about this program and how to invest in a child this school year, click here!

Ready, Set, Read

Impacting young families

When God stirs up a passion to love one another, He will use one’s skills and talents to transform lives!
Amanda Wey, a 3rd-grade teacher at South Lebanon Elementary, shared her passion for the importance of early literacy with Joshua’s Place and offered to put together a reading program for families in the Kings community!
Ready, Set, Read brings Moms and their babies and toddlers together every Wednesday to read for 40 minutes. During this time, mothers create special bonds with their children through one-on-one interactions while strengthening their child’s vocabulary and growing their brain development.


Joshua’s Place is able to pour into the lives of young families and overcome the barriers in their lives that cause instability!


Discovery Classes at Joshua’s Place

Kings & Little Miami

Summer Camp with Discovery Classes is the largest and most impactful outreach of Joshua’s Place ministry! This year Discovery Classes provided unique learning experiences for children of Kings and Little Miami. Over 100 volunteers from local churches and the community taught art classes, cooking classes, mini sports camps, and science theme classes, and reading enrichment classes. These classes arranged a structured time throughout the summer for kids to learn and be fed a nutritious lunch. They provided a safe and caring place for their physical, social-emotional, cognitive and spiritual well-being!
For Art Classes, children were taught how to draw in 3-D using the 7 tricks of perspective, learned how to created their own hook rugs to take home, created unique and colorful birdhouses for their own backyards out of a reused cans, used their own painting skills and techniques to paint rocks and canvases!
Kids enjoyed Cooking Classes by mimicked their famous television show CHOPPED, creating cupcakes, and icing cookies!
Mini Sports Camps allowed children at Joshua’s Place to experience fun-filled hours of basketball, competitions, dances, cheering, and crazy games.
Through Science Classes this summer, kids were taught the science behind rockets, ice cream, and coding!
Reading Labs and Paws and Pages

Volunteer Spotlight

the Mathias Family

And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. (Colossians 3:17)
“Everything we do is to honor God. Whether it is packing food for the kids in our community or meeting one-on-one with someone, we are always supposed to do our best and represent Jesus”, says John Mathias.
This month Joshua’s Place has the privilege of introducing the Mathias family in our Volunteer Spotlight. Each member of this family has played a part in lifting up the ministry while giving God the glory. They have served, where needed, in PowerPacks, the Food Pantry stockroom, Kroger Pick-Up, Wednesday Night Co-Op, Unplugged, Whiz Kids, and Summer Camp. Lisa says, “I serve with one goal in mind and it is to love on all the people that come through the doors.” They have shared the love of Christ and built relationships where they could be an example of how to apply His love to daily living.
Through serving others the Mathias have come to realize the impact Joshua’s Place has also had on their lives. They have experienced “what TRUE joy looks like”, become “more confident in the calling God has placed on their heart”, and have spent more intentional time in prayer. Through Joshua’s Place, the Mathias’ have had the opportunity to live their faith out loud and encourage friends to join in serving.
The Matthias family want you to know, “If you have an opportunity to serve do not pass it up. If you are considering serving, the Holy Spirit is putting it on your heart to serve. Start somewhere, it may not be where you land, but when you follow God’s direction He will show you where you are to go…just go for it…serving has changed our lives, it has helped grow our faith and meet some of the most amazing people on the way!”

Ways to Give

Living Generously

Generational poverty can be found in every community affecting educational, parental, financial, and spiritual realms of life. Families facing generational poverty center life on survival and short-term outcomes. Hopelessness is the key factor in creating the cycle—one generation to the next.
Your financial gift today ensures that when Joshua’s Place steps into local school systems our volunteers are there to educate adults and nurture children to break the chains of generational poverty through the Food Co-op, Whiz Kids, Power Packs, Celebrate Recovery and Celebration Place, and seasonal programs such as Summer Camp. We believe every person is an image-bearer of God and therefore has tremendous value and worth. We work to preserve that worth by only doing help that protects the dignity and promotes personal engagement.

Live generously! Your investment will help families to come to find freedom from generational poverty.