On Thursday Governor Mike DeWine announced that all Ohio public schools would be closed for three weeks. Many Ohio students depend on their local schools for free and reduced school breakfast and lunches throughout the school year. The sudden and unexpected nature of this cancellation leaves many families struggling to find resources for food. Additionally, many low-income workers do not have benefits that pay them for work when their place of employment has closed temporarily.

Joshua’s Place is partnering with local school districts in King’s, Mason, Lebanon and Little Miami to help these students have food while school is out. The focus of this plan is to collect, package and distribute Student Meal Kits to the families that have need.

The first step in the plan is to collect the specific items needed this Saturday and Sunday, March 14th and 15th from 8am to noon at designated drop off locations. Once collected Joshua’s Place volunteers will inventory, pack and distribute the kits in cooperation with the local school districts.

Joshua’s Place has prepared the specific needs and drop off locations and times below.  Donors can also give cash online at www.joshuasplace.cc/donate.  Follow Joshua’s Place on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jpvillage) and stay tuned here for more details on packaging and distribution and other needs that may arise.