Read about how communities are coming together weekly and monthly to meet needs in their area and bring about generational change while impacting many lives for Christ through Joshua’s Place!

Providing Hope: Monthly Community Packs

On the first Saturday of every month, you will find communities coming together to assemble over 1,000 weekend food packs (60,000 meal options) for families experiencing food insecurity. With generous contributions and the time poured into filling Kings PowerPacks and Mason Shine Packs throughout an entire school year, Joshua’s Place provides over 10,000 opportunities to show Christ’s love to families.
This monthly event typically is accomplished in a little more than an hour on the first Saturday of every month at 10 am in the South Lebanon Community Center. The packs are very kid-friendly and a great way for a family to come and serve together. No need for sign-ups…just show up!
Want to get involved in the packing or by donating to the cause?

Monthly Orientation: Learn More about Joshua’s Place

Did you know we serve more than 500 families each month with almost 400 volunteers? There is one issue that binds this all together—Generational Change.
The first Wednesday of every month at 6 pm at JP Kings (South Lebanon Community Center), Joshua’s Place provides an opportunity to learn more about the ministry, philosophy, and programs of the four districts we serve. Joshua’s Place Orientation is a great opportunity to hear more about the mission and tour the facility.

Give Generously: Joshua’s Place Pillars of Support

There are 400 volunteers at Joshua’s Place from 25 area churches that serve hundreds of families in Joshua’s Place’s four school districts all year long. Becoming a Joshua’s Place Pillar (monthly supporter) gives us the ability to do this work all year long.
Without question, 2019 was the most significant and most impactful year ever for Joshua’s Place. All of it made possible by the generosity of our financial supporters. As we continue to impact communities in 2020, we want to invite you to sow seeds of hope into the ministry of Joshua’s Place.
You can do this with a one-time gift or by becoming a Joshua’s Place Pillar of support.  Joshua’s Place Pillars commit to monthly recurring giving in the amounts shown here. This sustained support allows us to impact more lives for Christ!
Learn how you can give of your time and resources by following the link below!

Volunteer Spotlight: Whiz Kids Spiritual Coordinators

“God can use you and wants to use you. He even has a place for you that takes an hour a week and changes the life of a child. You will be changed too as you see Him work. Take your next step!”
~Jacquie Toby
Joshua’s Place offers Whiz Kids as a ministry to our Kings, Little Miami, and Lebanon locations. Tutoring has the power to boost children’s academic scores, create strong readers, and improve confidence. But our volunteers become so much more than tutors. They become mentors, friends and positive role models that change the lives of children beyond the classroom. There are specific roles fulfilled at our locations focused on spiritual growth within these settings. This month we would like to spotlight our Spiritual Coordinators: Jacquie Toby (Kings), Jaime Webb (Little Miami), and Kim Knight (Lebanon).
Jacquie is a member at Grace Chapel in Mason and has served at Whiz Kids for three years. She loves serving because of the many interactions that occur every week. “I love that they get to learn about Jesus, hear Scripture, and be consistently heard and cared about by their tutors. It is a beautiful thing to see the relationships they have with their tutors and the impact it has because there is someone consistently in their world just for them.” She hopes that when each child looks back on their year(s) in Whiz Kids, they will see that people provided a safe place, food, learning, and fun with nothing to gain for themselves, but to teach them about God’s love, forgiveness, and grace.
Jaime attends Rivers Crossing with her husband and four children. She has played a role in Whiz Kids since it first began in Kings as part of the leadership team eight years ago. After taking a break to care for her daughter, she began serving at Joshua’s Place in Little Miami this year ensuring that each child who walks through the doors knows their value in Christ’s eyes and feels loved while participating in the Whiz Kids.
Kim attends North Cincinnati Community Church in Mason and serving her first year at Whiz Kids. Kim likes the mission of Whiz Kids and enjoys being part of a team that is impacting the lives of children. She especially likes “to be able to share the gospel message with the kids each week and prays that seeds are being planted in their hearts and that God will use His Word and Spirit to transform their hearts and lives.”
She loves the fact that while tutors are working with the children to improve their reading skills, they are preparing hearts to read and understand about a Savior’s love written in God’s Word!
“Know that you WILL have an impact now that can reach into eternity. Jesus reached out to ‘the least of these,’ and Whiz Kids allows you also to bear His image in this way.”`~Kim Knight